Japan Cup 2023 Predictions

Titleholder AA2+
Danon Beluga AA2+
Liberty Island AA2+
Equinox AA2-
Impress AA2-
Kurino Megami Ace AA2-
Do Deuce A2+
Stars on Earth A2+
Trust Kenshin A2+
Deep Bond A2-
Iresine A2-
Panthalassa A2-
Vela Azul A2-
Studley A2-
Shonan Bashitto A2-
Forward Again A2-
Win Erfolg B
Chestnut Coat B

Equinox is not as strong as everybody thinks, though his world ranking is No1.

Breeders’ Cup 2023 Results

BC Turf
1st Auguste Rodin A2+
2nd Up To The Mark A2-
3rd Shahryar AA2+

BC Classic
1st White Abarrio AA2- 
2nd Derma Sotogake A2-
3rd Proxy A2-

The straight line is short in american race course, so it’s dificult for the jockey
to decide when to spur the horse.

Breeders’ Cup 2023 Predictions

B C Turf
Mostahdaf AA2+
Shahryar AA2+
Adhamo AA2+
Auguste Rodin A2+
Onesto A2+
Bolshoi Ballet A2+
King of Steel A2-
Gold Phoenix A2-
Broome A2-
Up To The Mark A2-
Balladeer A2-
War Like Goddess A2-

It might be a match race between Mostahdaf and Shahryar.
B C Classic
Zandon AA2-
White Abarrio AA2-
Ushba Tesoro A2+
Arabian Knight A2-
Bright Future A2-
Derma Sotogake A2-
Proxy A2-
Saudi Crown A2-
DreamLike A2-
Clapton A2-
Missed The Cut A2-
Senor Buscador A2-

In contention.

British Champion Stakes 2023 Predictions

Mostahdaf AA2+ Scratched
Nashwa AA2+ Scratched
Paddington AA2- Scratched
King of Steel A2- 
Horizon Dore A2-
Bay Bridge A2-
Via Sistina A2-
My Prospero A2-
Royal Rhyme A2-
Dubai Honour A2-
Point Lonsdale A2-

This is the last big race in Europe so it tends to be wild every year.
but this year the result will be expected except Nashwa might be a little tired.

Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe 2023 Predictions

Westover AA2+
Ace Impact AA2-
Hukum AA2-
Haya Zark AA2-
Simca Mille AA2-
Mr Hollywood AA2-
Continuous A2+
Onesto A2+
Free Wind A2+
Through Seven Seas A2+
Bay Bridge A2-
Feed the Flame A2-
Fantastic Moon A2-
Place de Carrousel A2- 
Sisfahan A2- 

By adding + or – to A2 and AA2, each will be evaluated in two grades.
If Westover has no fatigue left from the previous run, he will win.

Saratoga Sale 2023 Results

The following is the list of pedigree rank of high-priced horse. (more than $ 1million)

Beholder 2022 A2 (4.0)
All American Dream 2022 A2 (3.2)
Rachel’s Valentina 2022 A2 (1.5)
Plenty O’Toole 2022 A2 (1.2)
Paola Queen 2022   A2 (1.1)
I’m a Looker 2022  A2 (1.1) 
Lady T N T 2022 A2 (1.05)
Virginia Key 2022 A2 (1.0)
Temptress 2022 A2 (1.0)
Rehearsed 2022 A2 (1.0)

It may be a result that symbolizes the current American horse racing.

K G 6 & Q E Stakes 2023 Results

1st Hukum AA2
2nd Westover AA2
3rd King of Steel A2

Proper results. The reason why Auguste Rodin lost is not only lack of his ability but 
tight schedule of running .
I’ve sometimes questioned the way Aidan O’Brien set schedule of running horse, with Snowfall as well.
3-year-old horse should not be forced. I would like to say “horse first”.