Kentucky Derby 2024 Predictions

Fierceness AA2-
Catching Freedom AA2-
West Saratoga AA2-
Catalytic AA2-
Sierra Leone A2-
Endlessly A2-
Resilience A2-
Stronghold A2-
Honor Marie A2-
Just a Touch A2-
Just Steel A2-
Forever Young A2-
Encino A2- Scratched
Domestic Product A2-
Track Phantom A2-
Society Man A2-
Dornoch A2-
Mystic Dan A2-
Grand Mo the First A2-
T O Password A2-

Also Eligible
Epick Ride AA2-
Mugatu A2- Scratched

These are the pedigree rankings. but things don’t often go 
according to it in Kentucky Derby.

Japan Cup 2023 Predictions

Titleholder AA2+
Danon Beluga AA2+
Liberty Island AA2+
Equinox AA2-
Impress AA2-
Kurino Megami Ace AA2-
Do Deuce A2+
Stars on Earth A2+
Trust Kenshin A2+
Deep Bond A2-
Iresine A2-
Panthalassa A2-
Vela Azul A2-
Studley A2-
Shonan Bashitto A2-
Forward Again A2-
Win Erfolg B
Chestnut Coat B

Equinox is not as strong as everybody thinks, though his world ranking is No1.

Breeders’ Cup 2023 Results

BC Turf
1st Auguste Rodin A2+
2nd Up To The Mark A2-
3rd Shahryar AA2+

BC Classic
1st White Abarrio AA2- 
2nd Derma Sotogake A2-
3rd Proxy A2-

The straight line is short in american race course, so it’s dificult for the jockey
to decide when to spur the horse.

Breeders’ Cup 2023 Predictions

B C Turf
Mostahdaf AA2+
Shahryar AA2+
Adhamo AA2+
Auguste Rodin A2+
Onesto A2+
Bolshoi Ballet A2+
King of Steel A2-
Gold Phoenix A2-
Broome A2-
Up To The Mark A2-
Balladeer A2-
War Like Goddess A2-

It might be a match race between Mostahdaf and Shahryar.
B C Classic
Zandon AA2-
White Abarrio AA2-
Ushba Tesoro A2+
Arabian Knight A2-
Bright Future A2-
Derma Sotogake A2-
Proxy A2-
Saudi Crown A2-
DreamLike A2-
Clapton A2-
Missed The Cut A2-
Senor Buscador A2-

In contention.

British Champion Stakes 2023 Predictions

Mostahdaf AA2+ Scratched
Nashwa AA2+ Scratched
Paddington AA2- Scratched
King of Steel A2- 
Horizon Dore A2-
Bay Bridge A2-
Via Sistina A2-
My Prospero A2-
Royal Rhyme A2-
Dubai Honour A2-
Point Lonsdale A2-

This is the last big race in Europe so it tends to be wild every year.
but this year the result will be expected except Nashwa might be a little tired.

Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe 2023 Predictions

Westover AA2+
Ace Impact AA2-
Hukum AA2-
Haya Zark AA2-
Simca Mille AA2-
Mr Hollywood AA2-
Continuous A2+
Onesto A2+
Free Wind A2+
Through Seven Seas A2+
Bay Bridge A2-
Feed the Flame A2-
Fantastic Moon A2-
Place de Carrousel A2- 
Sisfahan A2- 

By adding + or – to A2 and AA2, each will be evaluated in two grades.
If Westover has no fatigue left from the previous run, he will win.