K G 6 & Q E Stakes 2023 Predictions

Westover AA2
Hukum AA2
Simca Mille AA2 Scratched
Adelaide River AA2  Scratched
Desert Crown A2 Scratched 
Luxembourg A2
Emily Upjohn A2
Pyledriver A2
Auguste Rodin A2
King of Steel A2
Deauville Legend A2
Point Lonsdale A2
Bolshoi Ballet A2
Broome A2 Scratched
Hamish A2

I think Auguste Rodin can’t beat older elite .
This race will serve as a test of his ability.

Irish Derby 2023 Predictions

Adelaide River AA2
Auguste Rodin A2
Proud and Regal A2
Peking Opera A2
Covent Garden A2
White Birch A2
Sprewell A2
San Antonio A2
Knight to King A2  Scratched
Up and Under A2
Salt Bay B  Scratched

Correct rank of Adelaide River from B to AA2、Sorry.
What is required of Auguste Rodin is how to win.
He can’t afford to lose.

Belmont Stakes 2023 Results

1st Arcangelo A2
2nd Forte A2
3rd Tapit Trice A2

Mediocre result.
Three different winners in Triple Crown races mean there is not outstanding horse.
Practical Move and Skinner, who did not race Triple Crown, may possibly rise.

Belmont Stakes 2023 Predictions

National Treasure AA2
Hit Show AA2
Tapit Trice A2
Forte A2
Angel of Empire A2
Red Route One A2
Arcangelo A2
Tapit Shoes A2
Il Miracolo A2

I’m worried if National Treasure has fatigue left, because of tough race in Preakness.

Epsom Derby 2023 Predictions

Military Order AA2
Dubai Mile AA2
Auguste Rodin A2
Arrest A2
Covent Garden A2 
Sprewell A2
The Foxes A2
Passenger A2
White Birch A2
Waipiro A2
San Antonio A2
Alder A2
King of Steel A2
Artistic Star B
Adelaide River B
Dear My Friend B

Military Order ,whose full-brother is Adayar ,has the best chance of winning.
but Nobody knows what happens in the race.


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