Breeders’ Cup 2023 Predictions

B C Turf
Mostahdaf AA2+
Shahryar AA2+
Adhamo AA2+
Auguste Rodin A2+
Onesto A2+
Bolshoi Ballet A2+
King of Steel A2-
Gold Phoenix A2-
Broome A2-
Up To The Mark A2-
Balladeer A2-
War Like Goddess A2-

It might be a match race between Mostahdaf and Shahryar.
B C Classic
Zandon AA2-
White Abarrio AA2-
Ushba Tesoro A2+
Arabian Knight A2-
Bright Future A2-
Derma Sotogake A2-
Proxy A2-
Saudi Crown A2-
DreamLike A2-
Clapton A2-
Missed The Cut A2-
Senor Buscador A2-

In contention.


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